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Add Your Tour to Facebook as a Tab

To promote your new Google 360 Virtual Tour on social media,, a good place to start is Facebook. Just follow along step by step, and you can start harnessing the power of synergy of Facebook and Google.

1) Locate the URL of your tour in Google Maps. - 

2) Open Google Maps, and navigate to your tour. 

If the view you see is a good representation and starting point for your tour, then move to the next step. If you want to zoom in or out, rotate the image, or choose a different starting place for your tour, say with a different pano, then adjust the tour until you are happy with with what you see on your screen.

Click on the three vertical dots in the Title Box in upper left hand corner.


2) You will see 


This window will pop up. It provides a direct link to the tour - the Share link. 

We will use the Embed image option to embed the tour in a the Facebook Tab


Open Notepad (PC) and save the text there for easy access. it will look something like this.




Open Facebook, and go to your Business Page

Select More, then Manage Tabs.

as the Administrator

Open a second tab and open Facebook again. 

in the search bar, type

Static HTML: iframe tabs


Click on Add Static HTML to a Page button